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Psychology Careers

The number of professionals working in Psychology & Counseling is on the rise, and the need for qualified professionals is growing.

We’ll take a peek into the groundbreaking studies in the world of neuroplasticity, the integration of mind and body, and methods of healing the wounds of past trauma.  Learn about  cognitive-behavioral approaches, transformational life coaching, or understanding the effects of the dizzying speed at which our technology accelerates, and how it effects the stress response in our generation.  We’ll help you take the leap from interest and fascination to the step by step process of shaping your psychology career.

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Clinical Psychologist

If you have the desire to diagnose, understand and treat individuals dealing with psychological & psychopathological difficulties, then read on to learn about becoming a clinical psychologist. Full article »

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists may work in a variety of settings including private practice, correctional facilities, for court systems, mental health centers, universities, law enforcement agencies, hospitals and more. Full article »

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Sports Psychologist

Enhancing athlete performance is just one aspect of sport psychology. There are numerous career opportunities for a Sports Psychologist and many lead fascinating, multi-faceted professions. Full article »

Explore Psychology Careers

The choices for prospective students in psychology have grown exponentially. Learn about career options in psychology, counseling, therapy, and social work. Find out how to get started on your unique path, integrating your passions and skill set.

Psychologist Careers

Counseling Careers

Psychology Degree Levels

Explore all psychology degree levels and how each level of education opens up new career opportunities and professional growth.  The path to becoming a fully licensed psychologist is a journey.

From the bachelor’s degree level, up to a Psy.D and Ph.D , we’ll provide you with guidance.  Find out the difference between a Psy.D and a Ph.D, and specific careers available at the bachelor’s and masters degree levels.

Finding a School

Learn about accredited online and campus based schools in your area. Compare  psychology program offerings, courses, and curriculum.